Peter T. Michaelis

Peter T. Michaelis has been taking photographs since 1972. His love of photography began while working as an apprentice to nationally renowned photographer, Arthur Grace. Peter worked as a stringer for the New York Times and Time Magazine while attending Brown University. After college, Peter became a journalist for ABC News and CBS News but his camera was . never far from hand. His photographs have appeared world wide in numerous magazines, newspapers and coveted family albums. His photographs have been distrubuted by United Press International (UPI) and the Associated Press (IAP).

Peter’s passion is capturing people in as natural a state as possible. He loves photographing parties, benefits and sporting events from tennis to polo matches, surfing to horse shows. Peter has done commercial photography for businesses, photographing food, prepared dishes and products for sale. Peter has photographed weddings though he prefers to do so in a less traditional way than most wedding photographers. He sees a wedding as a journalistic event and prefers to photograph it by going for more candid shots than posed ones. Peter recently added Drone/Aerial photography to his repertoire. He believes it is an amazing way to capture places from an angle that is rarely ever seen.

Peter is discreet and loyal. Though he has photographed many famous people, he has never sold or released a photograph to any publication unless specifically asked to do so. He is proud of the trust his friends and clients have placed in him by allowing him to continue to photograph their lives knowing he would never a use that trust.

Peter is willing to work with you to accomplish what you want in a photograph. He is flexible and always open to a challenge. He will go the extra mile to make his clients happy and won’t be satisfied until they are. He is willing to travel and has photographed around the world.